Why ARS?

Why Choose ARS?

We believe that Pharmacotherapy as a treatment of addiction, when combined with therapy, greatly increases the chance of ongoing recovery. We believe patients with addiction deserve quality care, without stigma or bias, and that their care should be delivered professionally and compassionately.

Individualized Treatment

At ARStc, our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive pharmacotherapy to patients experiencing difficulties with opioid dependency.  By understanding that everyone is different, we are able to individualize your treatment for the best results, which include a decreased relapse rate. More over, our center can accommodate those of you in need of emergency help, with the same quality care we provide our long-term patients.

By providing individualized medication management for patient care and safety, we are able to help you take control of your life, one day at a time. Since no two patients are the same, no single approach is right for every patient, which is why we customize your treatment: to serve you better.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex but treatable brain disease, characterized by compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use that persists even in the face of severe adverse consequences. For many people, drug addiction becomes chronic, with relapses possible even after long periods of abstinence. In fact, relapse to drug abuse occurs at rates similar to those for other well-characterized, chronic medical illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. As a chronic, recurring illness, addiction may require repeated treatments to increase the intervals between relapses, and to become drug free.

Opioid Dependence Versus Addiction

Narcotic medications help many people effectively manage their pain. Some people become addicted to these medications. Addiction is generally described as abnormal behavior surrounding taking a medication. Examples include loss of control regarding the medication, illegally obtaining the medication, and taking the medication faster than prescribed. Drug Dependency is a normal physiological response to narcotic medication use. If one stops these medications abruptly, the body reacts, and a withdrawal syndrome can occur. This is why your doctor will most probably slowly wean you from narcotic medications when you are on them. Patients addicted to narcotics have significantly increased difficulty stopping their narcotic use and often have very intense cravings for more narcotics.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the idea that feelings and behaviors are caused by a person’s thoughts, not by outside stimuli like people, situations and events. People may not be able to change their circumstances, but they can change how they think about them and therefore change how they feel and behave, according to cognitive-behavior therapists. 

In the treatment for alcohol and drug dependence, the goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to teach the person to recognize situations in which they are most likely to drink or use drugs, avoid these circumstances if possible, and cope with other problems and behaviors which may lead to their substance abuse. 

At ARStc, we suggest individual and/or group cognitive-behavioral therapy to maximize the opportunity for successful recovery. Referral information is included in each patient’s welcome packet.

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Our History

ARS Treatment Centers encompasses nearly 50 Office Based Opioid Treatment clinics (OBOT) in the hardest hit areas of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and New Jersey. In New Jersey these are referred to as Office Based Addiction Treatment clinics (OBAT). Every state’s regulatory environment is different, but in each state and across our entire network, ARS Treatment Centers operates only the highest quality, professional pharmacotherapy clinics with one singular mission - to provide the most effective and focused care possible to help those impacted by opioid dependency.

Backed by hundreds of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Counselors, and Professionals - ARS Treatment Centers cares for nearly 15,000 patients a month. In-house or partner counselors work with our patients hand-in-hand to deliver “best practice” Medically Assisted Treatment. ARS Treatment Centers has always been the industry leader and continues to develop Care Coordination, Computer Based Treatment, and other innovative solutions to help our patients.

ARS Treatment Centers - Making A Difference.