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Vicodin (hydrocodone) is another medication frequently referenced in discussions of the Opioid Epidemic. Like Oxycontin, it was developed with the intention of treating mild pain without as significant a risk for dependency. Hydrocodone tends to be less potent than some of its other prescription opioid counterparts, but is still highly addictive. Because it is sometimes perceived to be “safer,” it is not prescribed with the same degree of care as some other opiates. Commonly, people will receive a hydrocodone prescription from a dentist following minor oral surgery despite the fact that the pain could be appropriately managed with a non-opioid medication in many cases.  

Hydrocodone dependence can be treated with MAT and is one to be mindful of due to its continued over-prescription. Many patients in MAT may have a procedure at a hospital or other facility where they are given a prescription for Vicodin, Norco, or Lortab which are all in the hydrocodone family.